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Meie professionaalne meeskond teeb kolimise Sinu jaoks lihtsaks ja nauditavaks! Pakume kvaliteetset kolimisteenust nii rahvusvaheliselt kui Eesti-siseselt. Oleme Sulle usaldusväärne partner, tuginedes oma pikaajalistele kogemustele ja teadmistele kolimise vallas.
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Looking for a moving service within Estonia?
We will move your property quickly and with high quality at favourable prices anywhere in Estonia, whether you are a private person or a company.

Are you planning to move your whole office from one part of a building to another or to a different address?
We can help both small and large companies.

Do you need reliable and high quality international moving services?
We can help you!

Do you need to transport heavy or oversized items safely?
We are a safe choice for you!

Do you need to move an archive?
We are glad to be of assistance!

No room to keep insolvency assets?
We have a secure warehouse just for the purpose! MoveMaster cooperates with many different insolvency administrators.

Need to transport valuable works of art?
We have the skills and experience for that!

Sinu kauba transport on keeruline või sihtriigi seadused on täis arusaamatuid nõudeid?
Meie spetsialistid tunnevad nõudeid ja seadusi ning tagavad Sinu kauba sujuva transportimise!

Do you need a place to store furniture or other items?
We have a suitable warehouse just for the purpose!

Do you often find it complicated and time consuming, but also strenuous to assemble or disassemble furniture?
Our staff can handle even the most complicated furniture assembly works!

Are you in a hurry or need to package your goods in a way that would ensure safe delivery?
Order a high quality packaging service from us!

Do you need high quality packaging supplies for your move?
We can provide all you need for the transportation and move!

Do you need to transport delicate or valuable goods?
All our moving operations are covered with liability insurance.

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